Saturday, 17 October 2015

More goodbyes

Friday 16th we went for our last visit to Silverspot movies.  We have made lots of memories there of movies and dinners on our own and with visitors.  I remember how astounding it was when it was first built with its very nice restuarant and all the food and drinks that can be served actually in the theatre itself.  We haven't found anywhere yet to beat the comfort of their huge leather armchairs and good views of the screen.

The movie of choice was The Martian.  I thought it was great good fun.  Like its sister Downtosh it has now become know to us as Spacetosh.  Absolutely total factual rubbish but just great entertainment.  Thought Mat Damon was excellent.  There was a quirky flaw though in the shape of Sean Bean.  He had a small and totally superfluous role in the movie and did it just about as badly as anyone could.  What was that about?  The part itself felt shoe-horned in after the script was finished and the character added not a jot to the narrative.  Jobs for boys?  Investor using their pull? .... No idea but I am sure there is a story there.  Probably more interesting than the story in the Martian but no where near as tense or amusing or entertaining.  Well done tosh makers everywhere.

Having breakfast the next day and watching Woody, the woodpecker, doing its imitation of the cartoon I also realised how lucky we have been to have such great views front and back for all these years.  When we are eating in the kitchen we can watch the birds and squirrels and butterflies all doing their stuff.  

Later in the day, as the sun goes down, is usually the time I hit the settee with feet up and watch everything get touched with gold.  If I am lucky I also get to see the fish and turtles in the lake and occasionally herons and ibis visiting.  Indeed, on one memorable occasion, we even saw an otter!  Can't claim such views in my Bury home.  Certainly something to be missed.

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