Saturday, 10 October 2015

Just when you thought it was safe

Well that was the shortest break in Christendom

Missing my machine already, I have now decided I need to get to grips with my iPad once and for all. I use it just fine but I have always been too lazy to find out half of what it can do..... What a waste....this is the beginning of a fine romance between it and me.  Lovely little gizmo.  So, in celebration here I am again.  Feel rather silly after the dramatic farewell. realtor and photographer arrived to do their thing.  It is becoming real for sure.  We can now relax and go back to living like normal people and smudge the glass table to our heart's content.  After this I will try and add more photos to the Leaving 257 album and post the link here if I can figure out how that works via ios.  Failing that it is in a recent post.

We just went out to iwas six pm and still ninety degrees....

It was our farewell to a cheap and cheerful favourite for my last crabs legs at a price we can afford.

It is one of those eat until you fall over type buffets that Florida is full of.  This one is Chinese food and over 200 dishes.  They include oysters, mussels, frogs legs, blue crabss and crayfish besides the wonderful snow crab legs.  Along with sushi and a hibachi grill where they cook to order, so it isn't the usual chinese buffet that we find in the UK.

I worked my way through my usual sushi and then crabs legs and fruit.  Ken does the full on buffet thing right through to the ice cream.  Plus a chinese beer and chinese tea and all for $34 (£22) for the two of us.

My very constrained plate of crabs legs

See I could have had loads more

You need crackers for the claws but the legs you just snap in half and take out the crab meat.  Delicious but the claw meat is even better.  


Post script:  we gave my laptop away.  Ken wiped it and installed windows ten and stuck a notice up in the clubhouse.  A very nice lady rang and came and picked it up.  She was overjoyed.  I was immediately rewarded as she entered with two parcels off our landing (postie just leaves packages outside the door over here).  They were for my minis and one was a lovely surprise.  See, sometimes, what goes round comes round.

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