Sunday, 21 September 2014

July and August - Lost a month again

Oh my goodness whatever happened to July and August - all I did was blink and they are gone.


I suppose losing a month here in writing is not so bad as I don't have much to share.  Our time was spent with much of the same thing being repeated - building work and visiting my daughter seem to be the main events.

We had the conservatory put up in June so we would have somewhere to microwave meals and decamp in relative 'comfort' while the kitchen got ripped out and replaced with the all new singing version.

It arrived in its flat-pack glory on the 11th by the 14th the fitter was here.  He became a member of the family for the next two weeks and we learned to live without simple commodities like sink and cooker.  There seemed to be a never-ending flurry of follow up jobs going on through to the end of the month (and the next).

We managed to squeeze in a visit to Wales to visit Ken's daughter around her birthday.

lovely seat at the mill in Talgarth

Before that, in the middle of the kitchen fit we had a busy weekend dashing up to Edinburgh to help my daughter and her partner with their new move to their first house.  We had two men and a van carting stuff from here to there and us going to help sort it.  Nice to be needed still and even nicer to see them getting settled in (what will be) a lovely new home.

So, with the usual lots of eating out and seeing friends the month departed.


Another Edinburgh visit this month where we didn't get as much done, so it was nice to catch our breath and just visit.

This was the month I gave up on my latest 1/12th project and sold it on.  An interesting lady who was organising her first show bought it, so several mini related things came out of that.

I then spent a lot of time selling all my 1/12ths stuff as I was not only quitting on The Willows but was also quitting on 1/12ths.  this is the mountain I have to get through - remember those boxes are full of very small items - I listed over 600!

 Minis have not left me yet though as I am now into Quarter Scale (1/48ths) in a big way (!).

Made by me - Not bad for just over an inch long

We took a nice short break in a hotel we knew with our mates P and S.  It is becoming a tradition this short break over my husband's birthday.  It makes for an easy gift on my part for the man who has everything.  This year it was Lytham - so a suitable oldies break!  We squeezed in a couple of National Trust properties and a ton of food.

Park in Lytham

Middle of the month we got the kitchen painted, so nearly there.... by the 26th the up-stands went in and we were finished.  Three months upheaval is enough for anyone.  There is an album here (it will stay up for a couple of months) if you want a look - The Kitchen

one half of the kitchen

The end of the month we organised a birthday tea for the aged-Aunt that we (sort of) take care of.  Her Nursing Home made her a lovely tea and a birthday cake and five of her old friends/neighbours turned up to wish her well.  It was a very nice couple of hours.  We even managed to Skype my sister and her husband in Vancouver; although Aunty J insisted they were only just round the corner and not in Canada.  I wouldn't mind but they have never 'lived just round the corner' even when they were in the UK.

Hey ho, here comes September....... and the countdown begins.....