Saturday, 31 March 2012

March gossiping

'I crave an iPhone. I am totally in love with Siri and all the other bells and whistles but today I found the item which clinched this for me. There is an App which purports to keep you in a thirty foot mosquito free zone. It supposedly emits ultrasonic sound to keep female Mosquitos away and will run in the background of your device. I decided it probably wasn't all that useful on my iPad but on an iPhone.... Sheer heaven. Please tell me it's for real?'

I just found that note which I scribbled in my collection of March thoughts. We have been back in the UK ten days and I can barely remember and certainly can't 'feel' Florida. It really is like having some sort of split personality this dual life we lead. I put on my English coat (literally this year!) and Florida falls away. Bear with me while I scratch around to remember what we actually did in March. I know we had special visitors but other than that???

I've just skipped through my notes and I am right we spent the first week getting ready for the arrival of my son, Chris and his partner, Gayle and my grand-daughter Lucy (17 plus months old). They live in Canada so we only get to see them a couple of times a year. They stayed just nine days which simply flew by. We then spent the last few days just sorting ourselves out for our summer-in-the-UK departure.

I am pretty sure Chris and Gayle are comfortable with my nattering about them and sharing pictures but I try to stick to my rule of not scooping other people up into this public place too much. Just because I choose to share my mental wanderings with you doesn't mean I can drag others along too.

Suffice it to say it was truly magical to have my grand-daughter under our roof. She is at an age and stage where she is just a laugh a minute. I know there's barely a grand parent alive who doesn't think their grand-child is just the best but in this case ..... Seriously she has a lovely temperament, amiable, not grizzly, a joy to take out - even to restaurants. She is as bright as a button (like her parents) and watching the mass of newly learned things she added every single day takes your breath away. 

She is also delightfully brave, nothing outfaces or alarms her. She met the sea for the first time and literally took it in her stride.

All in all it was a wonderful time and one I will treasure.

Sailor Ken completed his sailing course during their stay and has since taken out a Hobie-cat a couple of times so I thought I'd share a picture of him in it (he doesn't count in the privacy stakes apparently). Actually he probably won't be happy because he said when he saw the ones I took that they were useful because they showed that he was sitting too far back. So all you Hobie-cat sailors can boast how you do it better. Me - I was pretty impressed; they get up a fair lickety-split when they catch the breeze. Not impressed enough to join him.