Sunday, 13 July 2014

June is truly bustin' out all over

Not so much bustin' out as bashing and hammering and clonking.

Looks like it has always been there

The core of this month was taken up with the conservatory build.  We were so impressed by the company that did it.  Absolutely hitch free, bang on time, almost everything done and dusted as promised.  We really have no complaints and would recommend Clearview to anyone for a good price, great people to deal with and a good result.  By the end of the month we were still hanging around for some exterior work to be completed but the delays on that have had more to do with 'misunderstandings' about what is and isn't part of the original contract.  So I recommend if you do this sort of thing you make sure you are clear what it includes down to the finest detail. So, with a start date of 9th and pretty much done by 20th,  it wasn't bad going.  

If you want to take a look, here's the album (for a short while) :  Conservatory

These are 1/48th scale

My Doll's House trip of the month was to the York show.  This is probably my favourite show for being the right size to take a day but not overwhelming like Miniatura can be.  I didn't buy a lot but what I did get were little gems.  I was also 'working' so that's fun as I get to go in early and I can natter to lots of the vendors.

We took my finished Chocolat project to the show to give to the magazine to use as a prize or raffle or whatever at the York Show in November - sadly I won't be here to see it happen.

Not sure I mentioned one of the freaky medical issues I had as a by-product of 'the leg' - wish I could type those words in cross stitch - feels like the leg's earned it.  I had some sort of allergic reaction which decided to take its form as an all-over and I mean all-over itchy rash.  It was hell on earth and lasted sixty days (and nights!).  I am telling you this because, looking through my June diary,  I saw the appointment the NHS finally managed to get me with a dermatologist (six days after the rash cleared up.  "Hello what can I do for you?"  Me: prattle, prattle.  Her: "Well you don't have anything now so there's nothing I can treat, come and see me if it returns"  Me:  I have photos and can describe it and show 'scars' and I was promised patch testing to see if there is anything I should avoid so I don't get it again.   She:  "Nothing I can treat - here's an open appointment for the next six months"  I was in her room less than five minutes - literally.

Don't ya just love it!

Though that is decidedly small beer in comparison to the shock event of the month.

Sadly, a friend of Ken's (and therefore mine) died whilst on a diving holiday on the Isle of Man so that was all a bit of a mess for the diving club.  To date the inquest remains open as they haven't yet worked out what happened to him.  Attending the funeral of someone younger (and probably fitter) than yourself is always a salutatory experience as well as a sad one.

In happier vein, my daughter and her chap came for a flying visit which was lovely as always.  Her poor fella got the 'meet the aged aunt treat' but he was compensated with the world's best fish and chips - the Metro - if you don't know it.

Finally, after eight months, we picked up our Deputyship papers so we can act on behalf of my aunt - long drawn out process and expensive one.  It is still not over as we are now embroiled getting the banks to  sort themselves out.  Hey Ho.  I heartily recommend you have your life sorted out in terms of wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (if you can afford it!!) you have no idea what a mess you leave for other people to deal with if you don't.

We managed not one but two trips to Ikea this month and I can't for the life of me remember why I used to just love doing that stuff.  It was such a treat to wander round there for hours.  After our first extended tour one day I was ready to kill myself or anyone within a ten foot radius.  Now I know I am getting old.  Too true!   I was also absolutely physically shattered.  Talk about having to lie down with a sick head ache.

organised mess

And so the last day of the month rolled round with Ken out to lunch, my gardener working here for two hours, the electrician coming for a final fit and the cleaners due to clean the whole posh greenhouse aka conservatory - not bad for someone who is retired and doesn't have much to do!  A least I can retire to the peace of my deliberately scruffy garden.  I love this time of year when everything is just a tangled 'mess'.

if you want to take a look, here's the link:  Garden 2014