Sunday, 14 July 2013

Goodbye Clavering

OK I think it is time for a farewell to My Clavering.

I started an on-line journal in 1999 when we bought the Florida house.  I thought it would help friends and family keep track of where we were and what we were doing.  In effect, the friends and family who are interested pretty much keep up any way.

It was a shift from having always kept a diary/journal of some sort since I was about ten!  The downside being that the pleasure of the private journal was it gave me the chance to externalise thoughts/feelings about stuff I didn't necessarily want to share.  For me, public blogging removes any trace of private thought, indeed I work hard at not even mentioning friends and family names let alone any thoughts about them or any private moments shared with them.

In truth, I suppose Clavering's demise has come about because I am writing screeds of other stuff right now and my time is truly limited.  I maintain several other blogs attached to my gardening and mini hobbies and am writing up to four articles a month for publication which, of course, come with deadlines that must be met.

I get about 150 hits a month on this journal so I know some folk are dipping in.  This is a low number compared to the other blogs; I am probably only reaching the original friends and family group (which is as it should be).

So.... it's goodbye from her ...........from here at least.  Email me when you can and we'll keep in touch that way.