Friday, 16 October 2015


We have spent this month leaving by inches and conciously saying goodbye to routines and places.  Thise who know me will not be surprised that many of my farewells were to particular eateries; acouple of which you've already seen.  I am building a web album for our leaving 257 so you can see more there.

Today I did my last trip to the beach.  Ken will go again but its a tick for me:

Our lovely car will also be gone soon of course.  The realtor has bought it and it will be left in the garage until the place sells or he needs it, which ever comes first.  He has a couple of visitors soonwho would  need to hire a car and buying this costs less.  Plus, obviously he has equity in it too.  Win win.

We have a new section of shops added to our local mall and we discovered a new eating experience. So this time "Hello" rather than goodbye.  Moes South West Grill.  Imagine subway but with mexican items.  They claim 'no hormones, steroids, preservative, trans fat or MSG.  Yiu choose the 'container'..taco, tortilla, ear muff, bowl and then choose what you want in it.

This is Ken's in a bowl.

Mine is decidedly less photegenic .... The giant nappy is actually a burrito holding just what I wanted.  It was great. As I said you can wander through the web album if you are wondering what places like Carabas, Bone Fish, Mel's Diner and others have been serving me for fifteen years. 

Handy tip for packing - just like the burrito, you need to roll

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