Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Comic strip Sunday

Not entirely sure I can make this work.  I am still rubbish at using my iPad for 'writing' and all that entails, but here we go.  Thought you might like to see a pictorial version of Sunday.

Off to Cambier park for the Naples Concert Band.  Ken is a bucketeer for them.

We arrive an hour before the concert so Ken can hand out programmes so I wander up Fifth.

Nip in to Chicos to check out the bargain rails.

Pop in to The Best of Everything just in case I need some bling.

Note all my favourite things such as a pair of urns that I remember seeing and loving on my very first day in Naples fifteen years ago.

Amuse myself with things such as the understated antique shop.

Always note Reginas but never call in as I did that day.  Only to take photos though!  This is Ken's favourite ice cream shop.  Also a first day in Naples memory.

Back to the concert having touched base with many, many other fifth avenue memories.

Concert over and we are off to Bone Fish for late lunch/early dinner.  View from our table

Best peach bellini in town.

Can not go there without sharing bang bang shrimp as an appetiser!

There are a load more photos on the Leaving 257 web album from our last Sunday in Naples (as residents).  

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