Thursday, 10 September 2015

List of things I will miss in (out of season) Naples

Even I get sick of hearing myself moaning about this and that when I have such a wonderful life.  Why do some of us live in glass half-full land instead of the overflowing pint we really have?  So, besides a recorded thank you for my relative good health at nearly seventy, two kids that turned out just fine, two grandchildren that are an ongoing amusement, husband that puts up with me, a best friend who is like a sister to me.... not to mention a sister, and, and, and.... here's a simple record of the things I will miss when we leave 'paradise'.

  • twenty-seven miles of pristine near empty beaches
  • back to back sunshine
  • Mels Diner's ribs
  • the all round 'customer is king' attitude
  • shopping bargains galore
  • polite drivers
  • US eBay for miniatures
  • the notion of being neighbourly (difficult fit for an English person but a good thing)
  • Bone Fish Grill's Bang Bang shrimp
  • good manners from strangers - saying good morning, calling you ma'am or sir
  • views from our windows
  • pedestrians having right of way at all times in car parks (and elsewhere to some extent)
  • huge washing machine and dryer
  • quiet
  • long straight wide traffic-free roads
  • lights not roundabouts
  • Cracker Barrel's Homestyle Sunday Chicken
  • our lovely Lincoln car
  • a postal system that keeps a parcel for you from June and delivers it on day one of your return in September
  • free mail (letters) forwarding to the UK
  • free movies and lectures and performances at the most beautiful library I have ever used
  • Publix fish in a bag
  • limitless number of books
  • self checkout at the library
  • 24 hours automated postal service for outgoing mail
  • the Apple store
  • gorgeous Silverspot cinema (with restaurant)
  • free concerts in the park
  • celebrating rain instead of hating it
  • heated outdoor pool (even if I can't be bothered to use it!)
  • geckos skittering across your path at all times
  • the sound of tree frogs at night
  • huge washing machine and dryer

the car at the beach

a Sunday concert

post anything any time

part of our lovely library

check out your own books

view from our lanai in the rain

south of the pier


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