Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bored already

Hi, this is bored-person blogging as it is half past two and my chores are done for the day and I don't go to bed for a while!

Here's what we had for lunch today - I think it is a jolly good idea and we are having a different one each week to try six of the twenty on offer.

Publix is our Tescos - if you see what I mean - and they are offering a fish in a bag service.  Choose the fish you want and one of four sauces.  Go and shop for a while and come back and pick it up.  Indeed, yesterday a nice Publix lady found me while I was shopping and gave it to me!

They haven't really got the hang of it yet so the pricing system is a bit potty.  The poor fishmonger has a list of 20 selections with prices which, by our reckoning, means only five fish times four sauces.  You can, in fact, choose any of their fresh fish/shellfish so the mixes are many more than that.  This meant that me, being me, managed to go off piste both times so, last week, we had two large wild Atlantic salmon fillets and 'sauce' for $11.99 for both (works out at £3.89each!).  The fish costs way more than that.  Yesterday Ken had Tilapia and sweet chilli with rice (above) in one bag and I had 15 large fresh prawns with the same sauce and rice in another.  They didn't have a price for my prawns so I got it at the Tilapia price of $8.99 which was another bargain.

It is a complete meal with no prep or clearing up of any sort.  Cut the bottom of the bag open and slide onto the plate.  Eat!

badly served up by me

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