Wednesday, 3 August 2016

May - more baby

By 10 May we were back in Edinburgh for the stay we had planned around Oscar's birth.  We always knew it would be a movable feast but we didn't know it would move by a month early.  

When we were visiting in April we had managed to give him his first trip out - to a garden centre for lunch - start him off the way you mean to go on.  This time, we marked his first trip to the seaside.  Being Edinburgh, it was duly blowing a gale.  A planned seaside stroll quickly became a dash along the front at Portabello before diving back into the car.

Later in the month we took a cottage at Coldingham for a couple of days with the intention of a proper little seaside break for the five of us.  This time we had a wettish blustery visit to St Abbs and environs with our wee chap.  Roll on Summer

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