Thursday, 4 August 2016

June - more minis

Beginning of the month was a two night stay to get in the York show.  This is a luxurious way of doing it as I get to wake up in York on the morning of the show and go to bed there after a long day trudging around.  Beats dashing up and back in the car which we can (and have done) from where we live.

Ken is more than OK with the arrangement as we get to eat at our favourite eatery any where on the planet - Trinacria - and he gets a surfeit of great ice cream from the same place.  Not known as Grandad Ice Cream for nothing.  I became Nanny Magic as I managed to pick up Oscar at a fretty moment and he shushed (pure luck I assure you).  You can count his frets on one hand - he is a lovely calm baby.

Mid month and I was playing with my, now, favourite mini, the lovely Oscar.

Our house was pretty much completed by now so we had an estate agent in to value it as we keep toying with the notion of moving to Scotland so we don't miss out on this grandchild.

We are trying to keep the brakes on so we make a sensible, rather than an emotional, decision; but it is very hard.

On the 18th we had a day return to York again and, yes, we included a meal at Trinacria.  This time it was to collect a lovely dolls house kit I had bought in a mad moment on EBay.  I am writing this post in July and currently trying to sell it!  It is a gorgeous house but totally crackpot of me to think I can work on two projects - not enough time or money.

rare Parkside made by Honeychurch

interesting interior

At the end of the month my daughter brought the baby down for a three day weekend with her husband coming down by train the following day.  She was totally unfussed about a four hour drive with a two month old baby.  Great to get my hands on him again.  Our solemn little grown up persons' house begins to look like a day care for tots.  Yeah!!


  1. Hello Marylin,
    He is just gorgeous...I can understand the need to be closer. I know you'll make the right decision.
    Your trip to the show sounds great and that is a beautiful dollhouse you bought. 2 projects is a lot to have on one palte. I hope it finds a new home soon.
    Big hug

  2. Me too not just to retrieve my money BUT I so want it to have someone to love it and get pleasure from it. M