Sunday, 31 July 2016

Playing catch-up February

Following my last post in January I had actually decided to stop writing Clavering as our lives should 'quieten down' from now on - one home in the UK, kids and grandchildren miles away and probably doing less travelling around - settling for proper holidays a couple of times a year like 'normal' folk.

Needless to say the last six months hasn't been much like that.

February was taken up with more house fettling.  We decided when we came home to get the house sorted once and for all - so a few changes like new en suite, sitting room furniture and so on plus decorating throughout and new carpet through the house.  It all took months and much cussing and spitting.  February got a good deal of it but it ground on way past that.

We managed to get a nice dinner and overnight stay deal at Ednam House in Kelso with my daughter and husband.  Hotel, food and town all proved a hit with us all.


  1. Hello Marylin,
    Renovating can be exhausting and frustrating, but I hope it is almost complete so you can enjoy your home. What a lovely holiday...the pictures are great!
    Big hug

  2. Hi Giac, The hotel was a great source for anyone doing Georgian - lots of original stuff still in place - I have an album full. The plasterwork was lovely and the company that own this hotel and a handful of others say they are buying period properties to 'save' by using them as hotels but as sensitively as possible. It is credible as they have absolutely chosen Georgian paint colours and wallpaper and fabrics in the work they have done here so far. Bravo them.

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