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February 2015 - next visitors

OK, you have had a bit of a breather - here comes February...

Having arrived on the last day of January, nice and tidily for February, our friends P and S started as they meant to go on with a trip to Bonefish for lunch following the usual Sunday concert in the park.

They have been here enough years now to just live here like we do.  They are waaay past the tourist/holidaymaker stage so we don't actively search out anything thrilling to do or places to go.  We just puddle along day on day.

We were speedily into the regular visits to shops and restaurants having covered Bealls on day two and Miromar Outlets on day three.  Miromar worked for me as I found comfortable shoes - yes, that is a thing worth noting - emphasis on comfortable.  Also, not being a shopper I came across our two other halves having a sit down and coffee outside Le Macaron - what could be better - chairs, sunshine and a couple of macarons.....nom, nom, nom.

Image result for le macaron miromar outlets images

We tickety-pooed along in this way until the 15th when we left on a trip to Bimini.

This was a bit of an odd experience for me.  On the one hand it was upsetting to see what a 750 acre resort can do to an idyllic Bahamian island but this was utterly hypocritical because if that hadn't been happening I would never have seen it.  On balance I am really glad we went and I managed to get the lingering flavour of what must have been a lovely island.

We crossed from Miami in 'the fastest ferry' in America.  It did take three hours to do a two hour crossing as it was totally centered around the on-board Casino - more time at sea - more money spent.
Our ferry

You could opt to stay aboard for the three nights or pay extra and stay in the resort.  We chose to stay in the resort.  To some extent it is still under construction with the Hilton hotel being built, but there was enough there to get the 'flavour' of it.  I am sure it will be very popular with zillions of people  (each to their own) but for me it smacked of a potential Club 18-30/Casino resort and I can't imagine how hugely crowded the pool areas and lovely little beaches will be when it is in full swing.

We were so lucky to have the beach entirely to ourselves for the first couple of hours in the morning. Sheer bliss.  The whole water line was demarcated with washed up conch shells and the sea truly turquoise and crystal clear.

Cliche but lovely

Hiring a golf buggy rather than a car as a mode of transport was certainly different.  We managed to cover the North island from top to tail.....

That's me in 414
stopped by the famous Big Game club for a drink and watched some bull sharks swim by...

lovely colours - Big Game Club

followed by a trip round the museum....  now that was quirky to say the least.

The museum

On the 18th we were back to reality in Naples but not before a mini drama at sea. We spent an extra two hours on board while our captain had four goes at berthing the ship in Miami.  Eventually, on attempt five, we were pushed in by tug.  So much for high speed.

Clearly we hadn't had enough of boats as a week later and we were on another one.  We hired a boat for half a day to go out to lunch.  You always feel like the real thing when you dock and ask someone leaving the restaurant the name of the place and she says she has no idea.  It turned out to be Pelican Bend at the Isles of Capri.  Ten Thousand Islands lives up to its name when you are on the water.

our boat front left and our eatery under the chickee

A couple of days later and it was the end of the month and time for our friends to leave for their last few days R&R in Orlando before flying home.

I thought I might leave you with a couple of images captured by Ken this month just to prove it's not all heaven out here.

Incy Wincy 
This little lime green gem travelled around with us on the boot of the car for a couple of days.  I am just praying it didn't get inside.

the hungry caterpillar

It does look like our huge hawk-moth that we have in our front garden in the UK but I admit this is a bit bigger.... presumably eats whole trees rather than leaves.

Hey ho, that's February done and dusted.

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