Saturday, 22 October 2011

South Florida Dollhouse & Miniatures Show

To be precise it is
The South Florida Dollhouse & Miniatures Show and Sale
Clarion Inn
7859 Lake Worth Road

This is a 275 mile round trip for us.  That said don't try and compare it to to a 275 mile round trip in the UK; as I said to Ken when we set off across Alligator Alley with two other cars in sight - ''It's not quite the same as the drive to Birmingham and the NEC which was the last show we went to".

I'm getting fed up with Alligator Alley it doesn't live up to its name any more. I am sure when we first came here we never went along it without seeing 'gators?  The last couple of times nary a one!  The stinkers.

Any way we tootled off to the Show....mmmm... more a display really.  Twenty-four stalls as opposed to the 200 I last spent six hours with at the NEC.  (details of the show itself in my Tout Blog).  My saint of a husband sat with a his book outside by the pool in the shade.  He did nip in to the Perkins which was on site and have a coffee and key lime pie;  he claimed he was perfectly happy.  I was less than an hour on my spree so we decided we'd stop by Ikea on the way back for lunch and a mooch.

I left Ken parked up at a diddy table with yet more coffee and his book and had another hour and something fettling round Ikea.  I can always find bits and bobs to buy from there.  Sadly it included a block of chocolate, most of which I demolished before I was in the car.  This is how I get fat.  I did a bit of mental arithmetic after scoffing it and realised there's something like 1000 calories in the bar - nearly a whole day's extra food being consumed.  I'd have to miss three meals this week to pull that back and we all know that's not going to happen.  Hey ho, two steps forward and one step back.

On which subject....  as of Thursday we agreed to give up on meals out two and three times a week until we have visitors; firstly because I moan about them all (!) and secondly it will save some pennies.  That was Thursday... on Friday we ate at Grand Buffet because it was crab leg night and I needed something to cheer me up and today it was Ikea because we were miles from home; so we are doing well so far.

The whole point of this prattle is because I just had to share this with the English folk -  the doors from the ladies toilet in the Clarion Inn.  I have nothing more to add!

except a broken arm.

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